Focused on Southern California

Unlike other larger medical waste management companies, MET is dedicated to Southern California—the community and environment, as well as its specific waste management issues. After collection, all bio waste and sharps are sterilized at our El Cajon facility and disposed of at a local landfill. This all-local process reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating lengthy transportation distances—making us a much greener company.

MET prides itself on ensuring our customers needs are always met. From compliance auditing to staff training, MET will be there to ensure your complete waste management plan is painless and effective.

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Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to you is that we’ll tailor a specific compliance and disposal program that ensures:


Our Compliance Program ensures you have the necessary documentation and information needed when you must showcase your waste manifests and proof of destruction. MET provides its customers with a turn-key compliance solution that removes the burden of paperwork and auditing from our clients.


MET is determined to provide your organization with a comprehensive and compliant waste management program. Our focus is on ensuring your waste program is effective, ecologically sound, and completely addresses all required regulations.


MET is not only a medical waste collection company, but a treatment facility, as well. With no middle men, this has allowed MET to offer its customers between 25-50% savings! MET is able to streamline the waste stream process which results in great savings to our customers.

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