Drug Disposal & Reverse Distribution

MET Bio, we manage it all for you!

  • Expired medications including Controlled Substances
  • Overstock
  • Re-called
  • Damaged Medications
  • Pharmaceutical opened and un-opened medications
  • Hazardous Waste including U, P and D listed chemicals
  • Chemotherapy waste
  • Red Sharps waste

All pharmaceutical waste is incinerated. Our waste container program provides only the best in waste safety. Containers will have an absorbent solidify up to 3000ml fluid. Once the top is sealed, the container cannot be opened it is leak proof.

  • Hazardous Waste
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Chemotherapy Waste
  • Red Sharps Waste
  • Receiving: ON-SITE TRANSFER, UPS or FEDEX deliveries are ALL sorted and scanned by customer order upon arrival.
  • Order Tracking: Pharmacy meds are separated and sorted separately.
  • Manufacturer: Orders are identified as credit or waste using MRCIs Electronic Data System (EDS) and accurate REDBOOK pricing for credit value.
  • Waste: Non-returnable meds identified on waste reports for proper disposal then tracked and witness burned in MRCI’s incinerated
  • Reports: ALL generated reports of items returned or wasted, both control and non-control is captured via MRCI’s EDS process.
On-Line training provided through MET – HIPAA, HIPAA Social Media, HAZCOM, DOT, OSHA, Fire Protection, PPE, Bloodborne Pathogen, Proper Packaging, SDS Plan Builder, Incident Reporting, Safety Plan Builder. Pharmaceutical Waste program education and training available as part of the start-up program. MET provides waste services and training necessary for   all segregated, color coded waste streams generated by hospitals.

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